A bespoke service, tailored to your needs and property, without compromise

Dissatisfied with the limitations of corporate agencies and the declining standards in client care, we’ve set ourselves on a mission to transform the property market.

Our commitment revolves around ensuring you never endure the frustrations of being shuffled between inexperienced agents or encountering a lack of personalised attention.

Unlike traditional estate agencies, you might not have stumbled upon us due to our absence from high street locations. That’s because our focus lies solely on providing top-notch service and results. We don’t need a shop to do that.

We do things differently, and it’s working. We offer a modern approach, with innovative solutions and a fresh perspective to navigate today’s dynamic real estate environment.

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Simon Bagguley

Your Local Partner, Simon Bagguley

Having grown up on the Wentworth Estate and now residing in neighbouring Berkshire with my young family, I am intimately connected to the local area.

This connection enhances my understanding of the dynamics that drive the prime residential markets here.

As the Managing Partner for Fisher and Partners Virginia Water, I focus on offering dedicated attention to each client, ensuring I am always available to assist and engage with potential buyers.

My local knowledge allows me to provide invaluable advice on the best streets and schools in Virginia Water and surrounding areas. I can also guide you on areas to consider or avoid, helping you make the most informed decisions about your potential new home.

If you’re considering moving and are looking for an agent who truly puts your needs first, I would be delighted to share my insights and assist you in finding the perfect property.

What sets us apart from other agencies...

Owner Interaction

With us, you’ll never go through multiple points of contact. You work with your Managing Partner from start to sale and completion.

Personalised Service

Our focus isn’t on getting the most listings. It’s on delivering exceptional service. We limit our client list to build strong, enduring relationships.

Innovative Marketing

When selling your home we’ll combine time-tested strategies with cutting-edge digital to ensure your property reaches its full potential.

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