Why reducing the price of your property could be a good thing

reduce your pricing

Once upon a time, reducing the price of your property was considered a terrible thing to do. It made you look desperate, and buyers could take advantage of your desperation and make ridiculously low offers. But, as we head into a changing property market, is that still the case?

Get your home sold this summer with these top tips

tips to sell your house this summer

Are you trying to sell your home? Perhaps you have been on the market for a while and are beginning to feel frustrated at the lack of offers? Or maybe you had a timescale that you had hoped to be sold by, and that is hurtling towards you without a sale in sight? Follow these tips to sell your home this summer.

Don’t make an offer before asking the estate agent these top 5 questions

Questions for your agent

If you are looking to buy a property make sure you ask these questions before you make an offer – you could uncover valuable information that can help you with your negotiation. The average buyer will spend just 30 minutes in a property before deciding to make an offer. This decision will likely be made […]

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