Lisa Nott

Introducing Lisa Nott, Managing Partner, Winkfield Region

Fisher and Partners is delighted to announce that we’re growing. Lisa Nott, Managing Partner for the Winkfield Region, has joined the team. Here, Lisa would like to introduce herself and share more about her way of working.

Let me share a little about myself…

I gave up the corporate world selling software, travelling around Europe recruiting resellers,  and set up my own business. I got myself trained as an interior designer 17 years ago and it allowed me to pour my passion for making home improvements into helping people create amazing home environments. 

I fell passionately in love with being an interior designer not because of choosing great fabrics and wallcoverings, but because of the difference it makes to people and their emotional connection to their home and enjoyment of living there.

I knew that I wanted to get more into property, so I started working with property investors and property managers. I’ve helped landlords to transform even the ugliest of properties with what seemingly has little potential into something that’s a high value. I sold new homes for developers as well. 

My journey towards Fisher and Partners

I have been considering getting deeper into property sales for a while. I have been a consultant and freelancer for other agencies many times before. But to join a team full-time… 

I believe that you’ve got to feel passionately enough about the opportunity, feel you’ve got enough of the right experience to bring to the table, and at a time when it suits your lifestyle. For me, this was the right time. 

Fisher and Partners was my top choice of agency to work with because they operate a ‘quality, not quantity’ business model that speaks to me. They represent quality not just in the properties that they sell but also with the clients they represent and the staff that they bring into the business. 

I like the fact that they’re never going to have thousands of properties on their listings, because you can’t offer the best quality service to so many listings. 

I love individuality. I love it in homes, I love it in people, and Fisher and Partners offers me the opportunity to be myself, bring the value of what I know, the experience that I have, and allows me to express that and deliver that to the clients of Fisher and Partners. 

I’ve been offered jobs by many other agencies before, but I’ve never taken a job because the corporate feel doesn’t appeal to me. I can’t be a cookie cutter model of what they want me to be. I need to be Lisa, and Fisher and Partners are going to allow me to be. 

My Way Of Working

Having been a small business owner for so long, I am not just the first point of contact, but the ONLY point of contact for my clients. It’s one of the ways that I’ve always differentiated myself from competitors. I never wanted to be the biggest company with the biggest budget, but I wanted to be the person there with them from concept to completion.

I run my own service accommodation properties and I pride myself on being available when somebody needs me. That’s the kind of service that I have always offered; I’m not a 9-to-5 kind of person. When people work with me, I’m always at the end of the phone.

Selling a home is complex. It comes loaded with emotions and many stresses. But I’m experienced enough and emotionally connected with people enough to know how to deal with it. 

Rightly or wrongly, some people believe buying and selling a house is stressful because working with estate agents is not pleasant. That’s the kind of myth about moving I’m gonna break. I put honestly, communication, emotional connection, and genuinely looking after my clients’ best interests first. 

About My Region

I’ve lived in Winkfield for 24 years. I love the area and how it has a very quintessentially English Village feel, yet it’s close enough to the M3 and the M4 to give you good connections to the rest of the world. 

I chose the area, I didn’t choose the house, and I think that’s really important to fall in love with a location and what it offers you in terms of lifestyle. There were so many things going on in the village then that I loved, and it’s growing really well now too. 

Though I didn’t have children at the time, I loved the beautiful little Church School and knew that should children come on the agenda, Winkfield St Mary’s would be great for them, and my two children did go on to attend and love it. I love the local fete, the local church, Don Beni the amazing Italian restaurant, The Cricketers for Friday fun or Sunday lunch, the dog walks, and an amazing community. I’ve made lifelong friends here. 

Winkfield today is developing that broader community. The infrastructure is growing up. They’ve built a new Academy in Binfield, so there are more school opportunities for all ages. There’s a new health centre, more youth clubs and sports clubs, an active Seniors Centre at the Foxes Den to keep the elderly engaged, the Lexicon in Bracknell has been regenerated, there are many more jobs available in Bracknell and the surrounding areas. 

I’ve noticed more and more people want to move out of London or a city, possibly because of noise or overpopulation or the infrastructure not being what it needs to be. Coming out to Berkshire represents flexibility and logistical practicality. You can live in a leafy green royal Suburb with clean air, wonderful walks, and a semi-country life for your family. But you still get in and out of London easily when you want or need to.

My Unique Approach

Selling property is not about the property, it’s about people. And I think the best way to sell a property is to get to know the family – and for them to get to know me – and if I can offer some intelligence about the area, the lifestyle, the schools, where to eat, where to walk the dog, which church…

That’s actually the value of dealing with the right agent. Someone who can give you that local knowledge on the factors that really count towards your future lifestyle. 

If you’re considering moving house and would like to speak with me about the opportunities in Winkfield, do get in touch. I’d be delighted to hear from you. 

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