How to Prepare Your Winter Garden for Spring and Summer 2023

As we come out of Winter and the early signs of life in our gardens are signalled by bird song and daffodil shoots, we want to share with you a few tips to help you prepare, so you can make the most of your garden this Spring and Summer.

1. Start your garden early

Most vegetables and annual flowers will provide a bountiful harvest if they are planted early in the spring, starting as soon as the soil can be worked. Start prepping and planting in mid to late March, once the threat of frost has passed.

2. Amend the soil

Before planting, amend your soil with fertiliser, compost or manure, to give your plants a nutrient-rich environment to thrive in. Start with a soil pH test to determine acidity, and adjust as needed with lime and/or fertiliser.

3. Get mulching

Mulch helps retain moisture and keep weeds at bay, so cover flower beds, gardens and trees with several inches of mulch to protect their roots.

If you found this useful and would like any further advice on prepping and styling your garden – particularly if you’re looking to put your property on the market – then please do get in touch using our contact page.

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